My First Stab at Flash, 23 years ago.

In trying to continue making some independent films, I started working with Flash in 2001. Basically in its infancy. ( I believe Icebox just crashed.) I had a wacom that I had trouble making a connection with the screen and the board. To play it online, you had to have a pre-loader so the film would play back in its entirety. Crazy times. I called in my friend Tom Kenny ( spongebob, Heffer) to add some vocals. It sucks, but it’s a crazy piece of archive.

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  1. This film such a fun part of my family’s history and vocabulary! We quote it all the time. Oui, oui, Coco, you go have fun…
    Thank you so much for posting it here, I was looking for it everywhere online!

  2. Thank you. That was odd that you were just looking for it, and I ran across it in my files. I was thinking of re-doing the visuals and animation while keeping the soundtrack. I don’t know. Maybe. -Joe

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