Orchestra Recording Fiego

Original music is always a plus for any animated project. But to have a live orchestra playing an original score written by our maestro Meiro Stamm, that is the ultimate. And a first for me.

We had many live recording sessions for my various projects ( being there for the recording of the Rocko theme with the B-52’s was a highlight for me). On the Rocko side, Pat Irwin did some groundbreaking composing on a ridiculous time schedule with live instruments. Andy Paley recording some amazing “mountain music” instruments ( washboard, jug, etc) for Camp Lazlo cues. Not to mention the singing of the opening Lazlo theme song. ( BTW, Andy Paley does a fantastic 60’s retro Italian cue for Fiego on the Vespa in FATMF)

Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner did some unbelievable award-winning composing for Let’s Go Luna, with international live instruments ( Who could find the best bagpipe or sitar player?)

And I don’t want to forget Paul Sumares doing the original score for My Dog Zero, but all in synth when synth was not so advanced yet. ( fantastic cues limited by technology at the time) And Krandall Crews doing the score for the Frog in a suit shorts!

But for me, this independent film moment of a live orchestra doing a score for my little film is a huge moment for me. The battle scene written by Meiro was very complex and had to lead to the big accelerated moment of changing his reality. I’m still blown away watching it.

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