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A happily married Italian fisherman named Fiego catches a magic fish and makes wishes to give his wife the good life.

A 2D animated hand-drawn short film, Fiego and the Magic Fish is a reimagining of the German fairytale The Fisherman and his Wife, from the collection by the Brothers Grimm.

About the Filmmaker

Joe Murray

Joe Murray has his roots in independent animated films and editorial illustration. He later created and produced award winning television animated shows including “Rocko’s Modern Life” for Nickelodeon as well as a recent Rocko special for Netflix. He now resides in Belgium with his wife and two boys where he once again animates independent films.

Filmmakers Note

Fiego and the Magic Fish, one could say, was almost 30 years in the making. I started writing it as a reimagined version of the Grimms Fairy tale The Fisherman’s wife after my time on Rocko’s Modern Life was over.

I had various starts and stops with the film, trying out new versions of technology as it became available to be able to “auteur “ the film as much as possible (like I used to do with my independent films). It wasn’t until the completion of my third animated series for television and a move to a 240 year old farm in Belgium before I hunkered down and sequestered myself for 2 years to complete, what became, Fiego and the Magic Fish.

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